The Vampire

Book II: The Vampire

The Vistani Seer leads the Players from the Mists into the realm of Barovia and onto Old Savlich Road, Just outside of an Inn. At this point this is where we begin using the “Expedition to Castle Ravenloft” Adventure

A few of the follow things differ or are added to help fit the campaign.

1. When arriving to see Madam Eva, she will reveal that the players will only be able to leave the plane by destroying one of the Dark Powers, the ruthless entities that over see this plane as their own. And that killing each realms dark lord is the only way to leave a given realm. But all of this might be pointless because Madam Eva reveals another truth. None of the Players actually survived the fall off the cliff at the beginning of Book I.

2. After the defeat of Strahd, Ashlynn (if still alive) pleads for the Players help. She was born in another realm, the one where Strahd’s Zombie infection was manufactured from and by that realms Dark Lord, Adam.

Part 1: Barovia
Part 2: Tser Falls and Svalich Woods
Part 3 Castle Ravenloft

The Vampire

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