The Elder God

Book V: The Elder God.

The Players awaken in a pristine jungle with what to seems as a perfect path leading through it. The path leads to a place known only as, “The Garden”. Where a small conclave of The Vistani Seers Faithful Heroes from ages past now live. Each Hero retells the tail how The Vistani Seer goes into the material realm and hunts for souls. Those who redeem themselves end up here, those who have failed either become Dark Lords if their souls are twisted enough or they fall under tyranny of a dark lord in a similar crime, to be repeatedly tormented for entirety.

The conclave teach the players where the seer dwells but turn against them if they try to leave. The heroes of old even sacrifice themselves to animate the realm itself to stop the Players from reaching their goal.

As the Players get closer to the sea, monstrous creatures awaken to deal with the intruders, ex King Kong, Godzilla, the Tarrasque are all good examples. Once at sea the players must do battle with a mighty leviathan, whom is the gatekeeper to the sacred city of the Seer.

Once in the Golden City, it is massive, beyond comprehension, and yet not a single being dwells here, save for one. At the center of the city labyrinth sits the seer, she reveals her true form and the final battle begins.

After defeat Eden breaks apart, and the reality holding this realm together unravels. Slowly one by one each Player awakens in the now months? old wreckage of the caravan, back on the material plane.

Part1. Eden and the Jungle
Part 2. Sea and the Leviathan
Part 3. The seat of a Dark Power

The Elder God

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