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The Powers That Be: Into the Mists Of Ravenloft

A home brew world of Dungeons and Dragons, that takes heavy influences from MTG’s worlds of Innistrad and Zendikar then combines it with the demi-planes of Ravenloft. Small local world feel, infused with elements of horror, dread and wild magic.

Only a handful of towns exist, magic is rare…per say. Most NPC’s are merchants and peasants. Healing and Magic comes from the players, as the rest of the land is preyed upon by dark creatures and eventually even the lands of Ravenloft itself awaken to feast on the souls of humanity. Campaign to be split into five parts, modeled like a story or a tv series

Book I: The Wolf
Book II:The Vampire
Book III: The Monster Adam
Book IV: The Sinner King
Book V: The Elder God

Main Page

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